Wednesday, December 16, 2009

2006-2007 Holidays...When It All Started

During the Holiday Season of 2006, I realized it was the first one where I was in some sort of a household, apart from the one my parents created.  It was my 5th year of college (I was in a 5 year professional program, the 5th year was a requirement not a choice) and I was living in an apartment off-campus with one of my best friends, Zach.  the holiday season had come upon us and I was feeling the good cheer.  Though I was still preoccupied with finals and papers, I managed to stay in the season.

It was the first time I bought and decorated a (fake) Christmas Tree for a place I lived in.  It came out so well!

As Christmas neared, I realized that people were sending Christmas cards left, right, and center.  Since Zach and I were technically out in the world on our own, I decided that we too should have a Christmas card to send out.  So, with my fabulous Photoshop-ing skills, I modified a picture my roomie and I took that Halloween (we were Turk and J.D. from Scrubs), found a cheezy lookinng background somewhere on the internets, and tossed on some text.

The card was so much fun to make and it was received so warmly, I decided that I should do one every year.  This was just the first, but I've yet to do my best.

07-08 and 08-09 retrospectives are still coming, building up to the unveiling of this year's card!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Berlusconi Slapped Across Face By Catholic Church

While that was not a headline, it may well have been one!

No, the Pope didn't take his staff to the backside of of the divorced, theiving, womanizing leader of one of the most overtly Catholic countries in the world (wow, those are good reasons).

Instead, some nutty Italian took a page out of an Iraqi journalist's play book:

Apparently, Berlusconi was walking through the crowd (shaking hands, kissing babies, all that politician schmuk) to his vehicle after giving a speech at some political rally in Milan and one of his countrymen decided to hurl a small replica of the Milan Cathedral at the Prime Minister's face!!!  That's right, a replica of a cathedral was smashed into his face!!!  Now, I'm not sure what you know about this guy, but he's a little bit of a jerk so I think this was a long time coming.  The only thing I'm actually surprised about is that his (current for now) estranged wife wasn't the first to knock out his teeth.  Poor guy, he looked so bewildered as to why anyone would ever want to harm him.

Classic!  I love it!  He should have taken a dodging lesson from ol' George W, though.  That guy dodged twice!

And as a bit of a throw back, I think we might have a celebrity reader in our midst (or maybe just a celebrity's costume designer - though probably, neither).  Remember my post about white dinner jackets?  Well check out this performance from this year's AMAs that happened last month (less than a month after my post).

Now, I said:  "For men, DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT wear a formal white dinner jacket.  I don't care what its called, its just not practical ... besides, its out of place unless you're ... attending a dinner party in the 1950s"

Now, I'm not saying that the incredible Mr -Z was literally at a dinner party from the 50s, but the set of his performance was a formal dinner club/lounge from that era (ish), so his choice to wear the jacket was appropriate and well-advised.  And wasn't that performance out of this world?  I mean, how dapper did he look up there with the incomparably talented and beautiful Ms Keys?

(pic from here)

 (pic from here)
So whoever made that call, you're welcome for the warning and the idea.  And make sure you stay tuned, more fashion advice might happen here in the future (it will,but might not be as immediately important).

And later this week:  My (now) annual Christmas/Holiday Card.  I'll post previous years' ones as the week goes by to whet your palette.

Until then, ciao!  (That was for you 'Silver Tongued,' but really just 'Sleazy' Silvio B.)